May 29, 2016


  • Youngids aren’t permitted in Panegandee headquarters (Sevony, Canarda, southeastern Midiria)
  • Zaz and Essul finally meet again
  • Who grabbed Cornelius’s shoulder in panel 8?


May 22, 2016


  • Everywhere in the Beyonding that Bromance has been, is etched upon his back; this is alluded to on pages #191 and #196
  • The scar from when Curdelbludd blasted a hole through Bromance’s shoulder in #73 is visible in panel 6
  • Bromance and Umbrage form the Beyondingan parallelogram in panel 9
  • Radish-Hoof respectfully addresses Irata as “Peer”, to rebuild his self-esteem; this is general unicorn behavior, and the reason most people want to be around them


May 15, 2016


  • “Why not make your usual entrance?”
  • “We had a break-in”; Karbunkel’s piece of the Prime Resinate exploded from its hiding place in the Keep, violently attracted by Refusaleth’s centrifugal force 
  • Panel 4 alludes to the recent passing of Prince Rogers Nelson (1958-2016)


May 8, 2016


  • Zaz and Cornelius are on the train passing the massive capitol spires of Midiria
  • The Dreadmist is visible in the background of panel 2
  • Cornelius apologizes for no reason in panel 3


May 1, 2016


  • Shiraadh returns to Fortress Refusaleth
  • When the Resinatus bring in the pieces of the Prime Resinate, Refusaleth spins into a vortex, consuming them and the Norris Bundt besmurchin, and smashing the subborg into a wall
  • Shiraadh barely survives, and the force of the centrifuge dislocates her jaw (panel 10)


April 25, 2016


  • Lampstones can get hot, necessitating the use of wire lamp-baskets
  • Zaz is using plagiarist goggles to read a tiny book… which came from where?
  • Zaz’s mother raised cattle (sortle) on this farm before meeting Zaz’s father; this is probably in Safrom Tattra (province on the Nardic Coast of Midiria)
  • Sortle are visible in panel 5
  • Zaz digs up the third fragment of the Prime Resinate (“i”); who buried it there?
  • Cornelius calls Zazmene by her full name as the Resinatus appear (under Refusaleth’s command)


April 17, 2016


  • Refusaleth has drilled through the Midirian continent, all the way to Fexes
  • The funnel-like Lowest Point is visible in panel 2
  • The Great Beast Nadira is spoken of in the Sacred Testament; she resides in the very Lowest Point and is colossal in size and mass
  • Like Reclinus V, Nadira is based upon a “classic” John’s Arm villain
  • To ensure that Refusaleth takes revenge upon Aga Regata for her, Nadira sticks a tiny shard of herself above Refusaleth’s right eyeball (panel 9)


April 10, 2016


  • Waywardo has been maniplacated; some of his memories are deleted
  • Insanus’s modified Walloper takes design cues and colors from Omega Supreme, as well as the Pretender Skullgrin (Transformers)
  • Insanus senses Karbunkel’s influence in the U-Lex found by Kudo


April 3, 2016


  • The high-speed trains that circle Midiria run underneath rails that are high off the ground, but appear unsupported outside of the train stations
  • He-Don returns, mentions Obarf Yuker, and experiences an old Midirian prejudice against “sea-bug eaters”


March 27, 2016


  • At the capitol spires of Midiria, Yakimastu Obeisan meets with Theon Tenfield
  • In Imperial Midiria and its territories, laughter is a punishable offense
  • The capitol spires are visible in panels 5 and 6
  • When one follows the Path of Aga, they must only let their good deeds speak for themselves; boasting of one’s positive actions nullifies or reverses them 
  • The U-Lex is based on ulexite
  • Councilor Obeisan finally sees the invasion and destruction wrought upon the Frontlands