Sacred Testament

The following is the Modern Reclinian Version (MRV) of the Sacred Testament of the Beyonding, adapted from First Nardic. This is the core religious belief of most, if not all, Beyondingans. Devout followers of the Testament are known as Agratians.

1.1: First, the Unplaces were infused with a Breathing, inward and slow.

1.2: The peoples of the Ordinariums imagined and dreamed, and the Unplaces breathed in.

1.3: In time, the Nothings were outsized by the collected and charged Imaginings, and the Wheels first formed and began to spin upon their celestial spindles.

1.4: The Wheels spun until the two of greatest size became separated, and then collided at their outermost edges.

1.5: A Great Spark was borne at the point of collision, casting brilliant beams to the Highest and Lowest Points.

1.6: The Spark arose as the Wheels ground at their edges, hurling great masses of Resinata to the sky.

1.7: Dark Resinata encircled the Spark, threatening to extinguish its Light.

1.8: The Light of the Great Spark compressed and focused to a point, until it exploded from the tomb the Dark Matter had created.

1.9: The Light became a Voice, and the Voice cried out, “Please, grant me sight, so I may look upon the Dark and cast It away.”

2.0: And the Light gained Eyes to see, and could now see the edges of the Darknesses, and know their blackest boundaries.

2.1: The Light cried out, “Please, grant me hands, that I may push the Darknesses down the celestial Stairways.”

2.2: And the Light grew many powerful arms, and Hands at the ends of them, which snatched at all the Dark Resinata.

2.3: The Light gathered the Darknesses into a great mass, rolling and crushing them, and finally pushing them to the Very Bottom.

2.4: The pressures of the Very Bottom compressed the Darknesses to a single Lowest Point, which then expelled a Mist of Phantoms that struggled upward.

2.5: By now the continued Imaginings gave shape to the Light, and give it form, and temperament, and also a face.

2.6: And the Name of the Light in Body was spoken: AGA REGATA, the Name of the Light Divine.

2.7: Aga spread Her arms wide, across the damaged edges of the Twin Wheels, and tears fell from Her Eyes as She looked upon them.

2.8: Aga’s tears flowed into a great and healing ocean, vast and deep, cooling the edges of the Wheels once more.

2.9: The seas slowed the rotating of the Wheels, until soil and Land formed upon them, and flora covered the soil.

3.0: When the remnants of the Phantoms passed through the Oceans of Aga’s Tears, they were purified, and they came to rest upon the New Lands, as New Creatures.

3.1: Some Phantoms could not pass, and were repelled, back to the Lowest Point, where they fermented into the Dark Beast NADIRA.

3.2: Nadira cursed Aga Regata, for She represented the Light and Living, and the Imagined Ideal, and the Highest Point.

3.3: When the Lands first bore Life, Nadira set the worst of the Phantoms ablaze, and hurled them at the Land from beneath, and they became Volcanoes.

3.4: Aga Regata punished Nadira for this by trapping her Phantoms in a diamond, and using the gems to create the Unicorns, and as long as they would live, so would the Land.

3.5: Aga created the Mid, the center-place, and the Land’s tallest point to rest upon, as constant battle with the Beast Nadira had weakened Her.

3.6: Aga raised the purest Resinata to the Highest Point, to protect it from Nadira, and the floating Lands were formed.

3.7: To keep the Floating Lands secure from harm, Aga created the Nards, and made them pure, and incapable of guile, cynicism or deception, for these traits erode and putrefy the Resinata.

3.8: To keep the New Lands and Unicorns safe, and shepherd the Unicorns, Aga created the Glowborgs, and made them strong, wise, and fleet, and highly capable of defending the Land and precious Unicorns.

3.9: Nadira countered with Dark Creations of her own, and Aga purified them as they crawled from the Sea, and they became the Middle Races.

4.0: Soon the Creations became too numerous, and Aga could not fully purify them, and they became Men.

4.1: Aga gave the Nards the gift of Illumination, and so the Languages were first spoken, and the Great Books were created and written, and the Pedestals were affixed at the Opposite Points, and guarded by Nards, who repelled all that approached.

4.2: And when the Nards and Glowborgs had created harmony over the Lands, Aga Regata began to slowly pass Her powers into the mountain of the Mid and the floating Lands above.

4.3: To prepare for the future minions of Nadira, and keep them from the Pure, Aga created a Land of white heat and bones, far from the fertile Lands, where evil could be contained without chance of escape.

4.4: To protect the precious Unicorns, the Lifeblood of the Lands, Aga gave them extraordinary senses, and Wings to bear them to the Higher Places.

4.5: To punish those who would capture Unicorns, Aga gave the Unicorns the power to grant a single Wish to the one who released them from captivity, on the condition that their motives must be Pure in Aga’s Eyes.

4.6: Nadira retaliated by pushing the sides of the Lowest Point, and pushing the Farthest Points apart little by little, using the foulest and strongest of her tentacles.

4.7: The more Nadira pushed, the farther down she would slide, and so she extended her longest tentacles into the Lands from beneath, under the volcanoes, and thus her foulness suffused the Far regions.

4.8: To protect Herself from the tendrils of the Beast Nadira, which had taken the form of black roots in the Lands, Aga Regata ascended from the soils of Mid and to the Highest Point, above all the floating Lands.

4.9: Aga Regata could now no longer speak with Her creations, or defend them if they were in need, and in Her great sorrow Her tears fell again, as a Great Rain that nourished the pure Lands.

5.0: Soon the seas overfilled, flooding the impure regions, and the weight of the water pushed Nadira farther down, until at last her tentacles were not long enough to touch the Land.

5.1: With Her final energies, Aga spoke into the cone of the Highest Spaces, so that all of Her creation could hear Her last sentiments.

5.2: “My creations, my creatures, and all things Pure of intent; I beg you to hear me,” spake Aga Regata.

5.3: “Do not speak against my beloved creation; such talk can be acknowledged by another, and in the acknowledgment, my work is undone, and eliminated.”

5.4: “Do not place harm upon the Unicorn, for they are the life cells of your world, and should they die entire, so shall your world.”

5.5: “Seek not the ordinary worlds, for we must strive never to affect them, for balance between our worlds must always be preserved.”

5.6: “Do not deceive each other, for deceptions can be recorded, and eventually accepted, and history will be rewritten, and all but falsehood shall be forgotten, forever.”

5.7: “Do not destroy your Great Books, for they are the repositories of your histories, and without them future generations will have forgotten your existence.”

5.8: “Be kind to your fellow creatures, and be Pure of Heart, and you will live a long life of beauty, and in time, grander things await you.”

5.9: “Do not doubt or question my creation, or concentrate against it, for this shall darken your Heart, and only the Heart of a Unicorn is immune to the intrusion of Darkness.”

6.0: “Only in harmony, can our Beyonding world, my gift to you, reach its Greatest Age.”

6.1: And blessed Aga then became the sky, and the moons, and the sunlight, and She shined upon all of Her creation.

6.2: And a thousand sons, and a thousand daughters, and a thousand creatures were born, and then to them a thousand more.

6.3: The words of Aga Regata were written in Books with the greatest care, and read by the Children of the Beyonding, so that Her words and actions would never be forgotten.

6.4: None that are truly Pure, who only take credit for their own words and deeds, need fear death, nor Darkness, nor pain in the Beyonding.

6.5: The beauty of life is not a privilege in the Beyonding, and need not be earned, for it infuses the Heart of the Pure with its joy and vitality.

6.6: By living in joy, and sharing that original joy with fellow creatures, the quality of life itself improves in the Beyonding, and perhaps outside its boundaries.

6.7: Be honest, be true to one another, and meditate upon the fantastic beauty of life, for death within the Beyonding moves one to outside the Lowest Point, and what cannot be imagined.

6.8: In this way, live beyond forever, for your body is merely a vessel that refreshes from our Beyonding, and immortality is possible through ceaseless Purity.

6.9: As time passes, keep these words written, and bound into Books of sturdy make, so that they are read and acknowledged, and as such validated into future generations.

7.0: In Aga Regata’s name, in Her Face, we speak this aloud, into Ears, unto Hands, onto Pages, into Books, into Minds, into Hearts, and so on, and so on.

Blessed be the name and word of Aga Regata, and in the name of all things good and Pure, be harmonious.