May 31, 2015


  • Panel 1 references the “recruitment scene” from Blazing Saddles (1974)
  • Panel 2 references a particular pop song by the Weather Girls from 1982, plus a reference to #2 (and “Fibs”)
  • Tremenz is bending a sword with his bare hands in panel 4
  • Panel 7 references Starship Troopers (1997)


May 24, 2015


  • Radish-Hoof is looking directly into Bromance’s headstone in panel 4
  • Radish-Hoof’s theory in panel 5 is correct. as is his classification of Bromance as a Subdivine 
  • Radish-Hoof finds a “crystol”, but doesn’t know what it is, nor does he recognize “Yotaton”; however, he does recognize that the crystol has been “duplifaxed“, before Bromance busts it all up and Radish-Hoof is distracted by “Mr. Blindy”


May 17, 2015


  • Codefathers Zardoza and Subliminus are expelled from Castle Creepwood by Count Feudd (first appearance), after the sealing-off of the Purgeon
  • A Pendulord (Imperial war machine) is visible in panel 8, as Count Feudd explains that an Imperial garrison will soon be established at the Castle


May 10, 2015


  • All are aboard the Dreadmist, as seen in panel 1
  • The twin moons of Yotaton are visible in panel 2
  • He-Don gives Cornelius a convertible headpiece, to make him appear less obviously human
  • He-Don briefly explains the Hungrean philosophy, in panel 6
  • Cornelius forgets that in the Beyonding, no one has to make excrement, because inhabitants process energy differently
  • Laughter is unlawful under Imperial rule


May 3, 2015


  • Bouldershade, the gigantic prison on Smisland, references a prison from the film Papillon (1973)
  • Riv was seen with Zaz in #128; she spoke of him in #190
  • Riv believes he’s been imprisoned for trolley-hopping
  • True to form, the Quondrian Questioneer only speaks in questions
  • Would Riv give Zaz up to the Imperial Inspectorate? How far would Riv go to get out of Bouldershade?


April 26, 2015


  • Insanus turns profane after the destruction of his island, attracting besmurchins
  • The Literalist Plague was over three centuries ago; Insanus’ ranting hints at his advanced age
  • Kudo also survived (panel 9)


April 20, 2015


  • This page was briefly “lost” due to a computer breakdown; originally it was posted uncolored, so that readers could still keep up
  • Quiatas and Mogrum are riding a control skiff (with tiled floor), as the overt Dragonball Z references of the Midiria Saga begin
  • If read in succession after the previous page, this page strongly hints at the identity of Mogrum’s previous master
  • Mogrum is the only one who can control the Skatalyx
  • Quiatas still avoids saying Refusaleth’s name


April 12, 2015


  • Shiraadh hid a tracker in the blade she gave to Cornelius (while incognito), so that she could easily locate him
  • Shiraadh vs. Darkana; Shiraadh uses light, while Darkana uses darkness
  • Shiraadh jokes that she has abandoned the Plagiarists (panel 7)
  • Darkana conjures four Resinatus (panel 8); their hand movements are based upon those of the members of DEVO, from photos inside the 1980 album Freedom Of Choice
  • Darkana absconds with the piece of the Prime Resinate


April 5, 2015


  • Is Shiraadh human?
  • Shiraadh grabs the Manhunter’s face and twists it upside-down; this was taken from the opening scene of the unproduced John’s Arm sequel, Kill-Krazy After All These Years


March 29, 2015


  • First page of the Midiria Saga
  • First page posted following the murder by shooting of two of the artist’s closest friends, 3/14/15
  • Cornelius still remembers what he heard about the Empress, in #20
  • First full appearance of the Manhunters, who both have a color palette based on particular characters from He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  • Cornelius loses his blade again!
  • The Manhunter recognizes He-Don as a Hungrean on sight?
  • How did Shiraadh keep from drowning in the lake, and what does she have in panel 7?