July 31, 2016


  • First full appearance of the Gravers, an anonymous terrorist anti-laughter group (motto: “We are graver than you”)
  • As soon as Obarf Yuker proclaims amity towards Cornelius, the Gravers rise out of the crowd and assassinate him (and everyone else but Cornelius)
  • Y.L.Y.L.: You Laugh You Lose


July 27, 2016


  • Cabrelandra combs her hair out so that it’s all one color
  • The club’s audience is almost all Similarians, except… who’s that in the upper left corner of panel 6?


July 17, 2016


  • From Karbunkel’s Keep, Vurka communicates with Shiraadh, who is drilling to Bonehenge in a mountain-grinder
  • Shiraadh is a graduate of the Four Colleges of Fargon (Jausiv, Dejavecho, D’Bocklewith and Nodde-Gamra); she is actually much more learned than Prince Karbunkel
  • Of course, even in college she was still Shiraadh, as evidenced by this picture from the 4th CFB Digest
  • Shiraadh was raised Obsolesmian, a militant following of the Dark Unmentionable Obsolesmus; her utterance of the phrase “Obsolesmus unwilling” is analogous to one saying “God willing”, in that she prays her god will not facilitate the obsolescence of her craft as she makes her journey to free Nefaria


July 10, 2016


  • The Bismuth Building, in the Midirian capital, is inspired on synthetically created bismuth crystals
  • Zaz was forced by the Imperial Inspectorate to carry a scruton, which Shiraadh destroyed in #209, and which was recording and monitoring what Zaz saw and felt, for the Midirian Empire (the “Imperial Debt”)
  • Could “I come from the mountains” be a code phrase, or is the Inspectorate reacting to the Quondrian Questioneer making a declarative statement (before his throat is slit)?
  • Who is the Questioneer? 


June 26, 2016


  • The Ponymus Wall surrounds the entire country, and is hundreds of feet tall; it was built in Perceptive Times to keep the unicorns safe from poachers
  • Faddlegas and Yakimastu Obeisan are traveling Uluwestern Air
  • In panel 6, is Yakimastu talking about Theon?
  • What “gift” did Yakimastu take from the besmurchins, for Faddlegas to give to Cornelius, in panel 8?


June 19, 2016


  • Laughter is illegal in Imperial territories, so there are Underground Laughing Clubs (ULCs)
  • Is this really the same Questioneer than Essul encountered back in Creepwood? 


June 13, 2016


  • Quiatas and Mogrum meet in a secret sanctorum away from Fortress Refusaleth, reachable only through the Darkness
  • Quiatas has temporal sight; the ability to observe infinitesimal passages of time
  • Quiatas can also isolate a moment of time within a resinate crystal, which in this instance is yellow, making the image suspect
  • “A man seated before a lighted picture box” depicts the moment the Bad Idea crossed with Bad Intentions, which is something that happened in our reality that created Refusaleth in the Beyonding; it’s a man (who seems like Refusaleth, according to Quiatas) sitting in a recliner chair in front of a television with a VCR hooked up to it (panel 8)
  • Quiatas carelessly speaks Refusaleth’s name aloud, allowing Refusaleth to hear him


June 8, 2016


  • First full appearance of Cabrelandra, the ingenue; she has four different hair colors, for playing different roles
  • Cornelius is shoved into a place again