July 17, 2016


  • From Karbunkel’s Keep, Vurka communicates with Shiraadh, who is drilling to Bonehenge in a mountain-grinder
  • Shiraadh is a graduate of the Four Colleges of Fargon (Jausiv, Dejavecho, D’Bocklewith and Nodde-Gamra); she is actually much more learned than Prince Karbunkel
  • Of course, even in college she was still Shiraadh, as evidenced by this picture from the 4th CFB Digest
  • Shiraadh was raised Obsolesmian, a militant following of the Dark Unmentionable Obsolesmus; her utterance of the phrase “Obsolesmus unwilling” is analogous to one saying “God willing”, in that she prays her god will not facilitate the obsolescence of her craft as she makes her journey to free Nefaria