February 1, 2015


  • Panel 1: a hovel somewhere in Drymouth, in a ghetto overrun with armed Skatalyx
  • Panel 2: the uncle has a narrascope, which is inspired by the View-Master, and has a copy of the Sacred Testament inserted into it
  • Panel 3: as the uncle tells a condensed version of the Testament, the children see an image of Aga Regata creating the Beyonding, with the twin moons of Yotaton visible in the background
  • Do the uncle and children (and the girl’s doll) seem familiar? See also #2 and #3
  • Panel 4: is Aga sharing her energy with young Bromance, or does she have him on strings, like a puppet?
  • In panel 5, does Bromance have two swords, or has his sword possibly split into two?

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