Getting Closer

2020 is fast approaching, and I’m hard at work getting everything ready for the return of Ceaseless Fables. This is the best time to get on board my Patreon- patrons will get to see exclusive material prior to its official premiere. You won’t have to wait until February like the rest of the world.

Become a Patron!

In the near future, you’ll need to be a Patron to see stuff from the incredible fantasy world of the Beyonding before everyone else. You’ll be rewarded if you join before the premiere on 2/20.

You’ll be the first to see something like the image below, plus you’ll get the information behind it.

Twenty years have passed since the events chronicled in the first 360 pages. What’s happened in the interim? How much has changed? How much has remained the same?

Where are the flying unicorns?

What’s it like to be a thousand miles above the ground?

Before long, you’ll find out.