Real Music From The Beyonding

Back when I had an animation studio, my partner and I were planning a film we titled Something Borrowed, after John’s Arm: Armageddon was completed. Unfortunately it didn’t happen, and the original authoring files were lost when a hard drive bit the dust.

However, I did manage to salvage a few things, included among them a rough cut of the theme I wrote for the titles of Something Borrowed (under the name Five Sixseven, of Tailothepup). When I first introduced Refusaleth around 2010, I always had this piece playing in the back of my mind. Eventually I decided to repurpose it as his own theme, and here we are.

As a teaser, I combined it with some art of “the big white guy”, notably his “Temple Of Doom” pastiche. Please enjoy. I’m glad to get this out of my head and onto the Internet.