December 30, 2017


  • At the Highest Point of the Beyonding, Aga Regata, its creator, is clearly visible (panel 2)
  • In panel 3, Refusaleth refers to Radish-Hoof as a “reformed phantom”, alluding to the unicorns’ origin in the Sacred Testament
  • Panel 4 shows the Beyonding from the Highest Point, facing away from the Backlands; the Dark Unmentionables are visible at monumental size (Abysma over Ulu, Holocough over the Frontlands, and Obsolesmus over Ystyr)
  • Bromance has used so much power trying to defeat Refusaleth that he has aged 70 to 90 years
  • Panel 6: Refusaleth is indicating Earth
  • Panel 7: Refusaleth almost spoke Bromance’s “original name”(meaning that Bromance was someone else before he was remade by Aga), which would have annihilated Bromance from existence
  • Radish-Hoof snaps off his horn; unicorn blood is represented by (real) red glitter