November 7, 2010


  • First appearance of Arabol, “Lord of the Trees”


October 31, 2010


  • This page was posted on Halloween, 2010
  • Random Phubarb, panel 5


October 24, 2010


  • When Radish-Hoof gives you his full attention, he looks at you like he does at Yla in panel 3
  • Curdelbludd is using a resinimp to communicate with Cornelius; it rose up through the compartment in the middle of the table, and the connection was made when Corny affirmed that he could see him
  • Resinimps are dastardly, but generally neutral


October 17, 2010


  • First (and probably only) appearance of Phubarb librarian Vooselvanion, panel 2
  • The books Essul peruses in the library are all relevant to subjects he knows later


October 10, 2010


  • The structures in Phubarb Village are based on the houses in an old “Hugga Bunch” comic book
  • Rev. Candlewary is quoting from the Sacred Testament in panel 4
  • First appearance: Guntaur, panel 6


October 3, 2010


  • In panel 3, Yla remembers the shot in the arm she took trying to help Cornelius in the bowelyard
  • First appearance: Reverend Candlewary, panel 6


September 26, 2010


  • First appearance of the annoying, ill-fated Phubarbs, and the mayor of Phubarb Village, Big Florgen Ploogenfloog


September 19, 2010


  • Radish-Hoof famously drops the “c-bomb” in the swamps, rebuffing Yla
  • Next stop: Phubarb Village


September 12, 2010


  • Insanus rebuilds Curdelbludd, the Overkeeper (with a price)
  • Airship Dreadmist is docked in the first panel


September 5, 2010


  • “Drymouth” rhymes with “Plymouth”
  • The airship Dreadmist is just visible in panel six