September 29, 2013


  • Refusaleth can move his teeth independently, for no apparent reason other than to disturb, and has numerous tongues
  • Refusaleth is not wearing a septum piercing; he has an actual ring through his nose, blocking his nostrils completely
  • Shiraadh is finishing off the Imperial infantry and air force; her ululation in panel 3 is the same as Ehren McGhehey’s in the beginning of the “Terror Taxi” prank in Jackass: Number Two (2006)
  • Dedurum has been pinned to a wall by propellers and detritus from fallen Imperial nanowings, in panel 4


September 22, 2013


  • The wall tapestry in panel 3, which Karbunkel drapes himself with in panel 9, has pictograms depicting the Sacred Testament
  • Who is Karbunkel’s mother?
  • The Prime Resinate piece was providing King Reclinus V with arcane power, which allowed his lineage to rule over Inway since Perceptive Times
  • In panel 9, Karbunkel is enthralled with himself, and the gravity of what he can now accomplish


September 15, 2013


  • The Skatalyx swarm Castle Inway
  • “Overkeeper Ultra” (panel 2) references a particular character with eight bionic hearts from John’s Arm: Armageddon
  • King Reclinus V references Jem in panel 6


September 8, 2013


  • Shiraadh begins to eliminate nearly the entire Imperial Army, single-handedly
  • Whatever Shiraadh did to Syll is so terrible that it’s left up to your imagination; Dedurum and Raessor ran for ground cover, indicating that the fight has already left the sky
  • Shiraadh’s knowledge of forbidden powers is so advanced at this point, she can crush Raessor’s face with her fingertips
  • Refusaleth dispatches Curdelbludd to Inway from his Fortress; all of them can see the fight, from hundreds of miles away


September 2, 2013


  • Bromance and Guntaur versus the Skatalyx hordes, in Drymouth
  • Bromance’s sword is in “bloodletter” formation
  • M’Hoa M’Hoa appears in full battle regalia, speaking clearly so Bromance, in particular, understands him exactly


August 25, 2013


  • The interior walls of the unicorn parlour in Castle Creepwood are painted like the sky, plus “rainbow” blankets and a star-studded canopy, for “comfort”
  • Pepperdingus is either brain-damaged, dumb, or both, through no fault of his own (hence his speech patterns)
  • Rev. Candlewary is again quoting the Sacred Testament


August 18, 2013


  • The Imperial Midirian Advance Guard can stand in midair, which is a “forbidden knowledge”
  • A fagoo is a “timid, rodent-like creature” (Typonidex)
  • “Another clutch of militant Plagiarists”; were they really, or was it just people condemned by the Midirian Empire?


August 12, 2013


  • Insanus wastes no opportunity to throw Kudo “under the bus”
  • insanus’ island is high above the IMFA Derecho, to avoid detection
  • Excessive use of “forbidden” power can attract the attention of true Agratians. such as Bromance
  • In panel 6, Insanus quotes Bob Burden’s Flaming Carrot, and Darkana’s owl familiar appears (with her luggage)


August 4, 2013


  • Panel 1: the Imperial Advance Guard, l. to r.; Logge, Syll, Dedurum, and Raessor
  • The IMFA Derecho is loaded for bear
  • For reasons yet to be revealed, Dedurum can’t stand up completely straight, and is clairvoyant
  • Logge uses the accepted profanity substitute “eff”, like Essul does
  • What does Dedurum owe the Empire?
  • Insanus’ island is visible in panel 8


July 28, 2013


  • Essul can see the markings on the IMFA Derecho (Imperial Midirian Forward Airship, Slander Class)
  • Mogrum unleashes the Skatalyx legions upon Inway