January 10, 2010


  • Xandinculus- who was that?
  • First appearance of the Empress… or is it?


January 3, 2010


  • When reframing this page and others for the new CFB site (green for Inway), I goofed on the copyright date
  • Important details you might have missed: “some rituals can remove the need for food”; unless you mess up, and starve to death (if that is indeed what’s happened)
  • “I’ve seen this before”; how and where would Daemir Daggerbite have witnessed a Plagiarist ritual? Or did he?
  • Daemir sure appeared suddenly, in this mysterious cottage full of dessicated corpses, in the middle of nowhere. Also he knows the back way out


December 7, 2009


  • First full appearance: Daemir Daggerbite (also with goggles?)
  • “I come from the mountains”


December 20, 2009


  • More wall scrawlings: “Abysma”, “anathemite”
  • There are dried plants fastened to the walls to cover the stench
  • Corny discovers the Plagiarist mantra, in panel 5
  • Look out behind you!


December 13, 2009


  • Corny finds the “mysterious cottage”; what was being done here?
  • Tuftans (first full appearance)
  • There is writing on the walls, and are some of the corpses wearing goggles?
  • Corny drops the “S-bomb”, befouling his breath even more so


December 6, 2009


  • Insanus observes from his special floating island, through a divining pool
  • Castle Inway is visible in panel 4
  • Things are looking better…?


November 29, 2009


  • Is that the twin moons of Yotaton in panel 2?
  • Is consuming food necessary in the Beyonding, or is there another method of sustenance?
  • First appearances: Insanus and Kudo


November 22, 2009


  • First introduction to Pip, Bromance’s familiar and companion
  • Besmurchins rarely act on their own… so who’s controlling them?
  • Pip’s expression in panel 3 indicates that the search for the Lost Book has been long and fruitless


November 15, 2009


  • First appearance of Bromance!
  • Corny inadvertently unleashes a Conundrum regarding the Overkeeper’s visor, causing a bolt of lightning
  • First depicted form of Bromance’s privilege, also known as a weirdsword, or variblade


November 8, 2009


  • First appearance: Prince Karbunkel of Fargon. He is first seen tracing, which is a Plagiarist discipline
  • First appearance: Vurka, the Prince’s sycophant. Both he and Karbunkel were able to sense the Lost Book’s return to the Beyonding, which is another knowledge forbidden by the Midirian Empire
  • First full appearance: Overkeeper of Inway, King Reclinus V’s militia
  • In the Beyonding, the use of foul language causes increasingly bad breath, which attracts and frenzies the Besmurchins