March 7, 2010


  • What is Daemir muttering in his sleep?
  • Someone has been raiding the Royal Libraries of Inway for months
  • What’s the big deal about having a unicorn, other than how cool it would be?


February 28, 2010


  • Panel two: Radish-Hoof’s favorite blanket
  • Cox offers a lot of info on Radish-Hoof’s overall mien, from an outside perspective
  • Freeing a bound unicorn is a pretty big deal, isn’t it?


February 21, 2010


  • Radish-Hoof’s voice is based on that of comedian Jim Norton, for example, “Right On My Fucking Foot
  • As a unicorn, Radish-Hoof is exempt from the deleterious effects of using foul language (see Sacred Testament 3.4-4.5)
  • In earlier strips, Radish-Hoof wears a silver fitting on his headstone; at some indistinct point in the future it was lost, and it’s possible that Radish-Hoof never knew it was there
  • First appearance: luckless stable boy Cox McCrackin, who thought Radish-Hoof was calling him for help


February 14, 2010


  • Valentine’s Day 2010: Corny meets a pink unicorn with a laser pointer (made in China?)


January 31, 2010


  • Why is Daemir so touchy about being called a liar?
  • In the Beyonding, what you say about a person can possibly affect them
  • Daemir makes a real fire, instead of using lampstones
  • What could that red flashing light be?


January 24, 2010


  • Why would Daemir have such a prejudice against the Glowborgs?
  • Why is Daemir so pushy about the Lost Book all of the sudden?
  • Could it be that Daemir isn’t speaking for himself?


January 17, 2010


  • The Midirian Empress is communicating through a giant crystal (resinate), but Daemir thought she was inside of it
  • Whose hands are grabbing the Empress?
  • How could a resinate crumble like that?


January 10, 2010


  • Xandinculus- who was that?
  • First appearance of the Empress… or is it?


January 3, 2010


  • When reframing this page and others for the new CFB site (green for Inway), I goofed on the copyright date
  • Important details you might have missed: “some rituals can remove the need for food”; unless you mess up, and starve to death (if that is indeed what’s happened)
  • “I’ve seen this before”; how and where would Daemir Daggerbite have witnessed a Plagiarist ritual? Or did he?
  • Daemir sure appeared suddenly, in this mysterious cottage full of dessicated corpses, in the middle of nowhere. Also he knows the back way out