October 29, 2017


  • Unicorns in panel 2 (clockwise from left): Dandelflower (yellow, ridden by Theon), Harvelsester (orange), Clad-In-Destiny (red), and Sky-Shindigo (blue)


October 15, 2017


  • Count Feudd expels Etalun and Orduroc from Castle Creepwood; Etalun for his indolence, Orduroc for his odor
  • “I knew your sister”; who could Etalun’s sister be? Another devotee of Obsolesmus? 


October 8, 2017


  • The dialogue in the first two panels is loosely referencing lines from the beginning of Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981).
  • The rocks are the collapsed bodies of the Gargrudgen, under which miles of towns and people are buried; the capitol spires are clearly visible in the distance
  • Essul’s “extendable legs” are something of an inside joke, to explain his mild changes in height over the course of the strip
  • Essul probably gained perfect sight (which he has displayed previously) through forbidden knowledge


October 1, 2017


  • Karbunkel explains Yotatonic Theory and the two timelines to Cornelius
  • Karbunkel has met with Yotatonic people before, in #80 and #123; here we see him contacting them when he was younger than Cornelius, indicating the length of time it took for the Garblemen to arrive
  • By showing Cornelius a “flashback”, Karbunkel changes a memory from Perceptive to Narrative timeline (it’s out of Karbunkel’s memory, and now part of the depicted narrative)
  • In panel 2, young Karbunkel has a piece of Smisland spar, which is used to power his telescope (panel 1), and that’s Mogol next to him


September 4, 2017


  • Who was Xandinculus, after all? Did he come from our world, and was he really a “dangerous Plagiarist” as he was labeled? 
  • Karbunkel knows how to “unshrink” objects


August 20, 2017


  • The Quondrian Questioneer interrogates a captured Graver in the Bismuth Building, in the capitol spires of Midiria
  • Y.L.Y.L. means “You laugh, you lose”; “Glory contrata” is a Shoadomite slogan
  • The Graver bites a “quit line” in panel 6, triggering a catastrophic explosion