July 8, 2013


  • First strip following the author’s brief incarceration!
  • First appearance of Duchess Demandice’s learned Creepwoodian wizards: (l.-r., panels 2-5) Vill and Baskor, Pfane and Tsellow
  • Demandice insults Radish-Hoof with a “sky sliggan bait” remark
  • Final page of the Drymouth Saga!


May 5, 2013


  • First appearance of Hootskin, chief depository attendant (panel 1)
  • Karbunkel and Vurka explore the central book depository of Castle Inway
  • Essul worked with Karbunkel before Vurka did


April 29, 2013


  • First appearance of Castle Creepwood, panel 5
  • First appearance of Bougorot, castle doorman, panel 2/7
  • First appearance of Duchess Demandice, astride the unicorn Pepperdingus, panel 10


April 21, 2013


  • Bromance knows Zaz’s full name is Zazmene, and pronounces it correctly (ZAZ-men-ee); how would he know this?
  • If Refusaleth found Cornelius, he could learn the way to the ordinary world


April 14, 2013


  • Cornelius begins feeling resentment towards Bromance
  • Jellyback explains that the Glowborg genocide was perpetrated by Refusaleth, not Nefaria, who instead took the credit after Refusaleth’s disappearance, and gained the resultant power and infamy
  • There are no records of Refusaleth’s existence because the Glowborgs destroyed them, for better or worse


April 7, 2013


  • What’s coming out of the Walloper pilot’s mouth?
  • The Walloper pilot is an ordinary human, as noted by Jellyback
  • The Glowborgs have taken refuge in the Sidelands: Ystyr (pronounced Easter) and Ulu


March 31, 2013


  • Faddlegas mentions “creeping towers”, which, according to legend, were incomprehensibly tall, yet mobile
  • Traditionally, Nards either guarded the upper territories (Kerpallis Wester and above), or wrote and protected portal books, which allow passage from the Beyonding to the ordinary world (or vice versa)
  • Jellyback and the Glowborgs appear in the final panel


March 24, 2013


  • Insanus gets Friggo’s name wrong, again
  • Insanus recognizes Curdelbludd, despite his new body, and traces his location
  • Insanus notes that Cornelius looks different, alluding to his change in wardrobe
  • Nards existed in ancient (Perceptive) times; Nard sightings are incredibly rare


March 17, 2013


  • Refusaleth and company set up shop in a Literalist ruin
  • The Literalists were finally exterminated roughly 300 years ago (Perceptive Times)
  • Refusaleth’s power has increased since the discovery of the Nefarian monstrance
  • As always, insanus snaps at his subordinate Kudo


March 10, 2013


  • Radish-Hoof continues to look worse under the effects of the tormentnid; his eyes are jaundiced
  • Kerpallis Wester (or Westerlands) is the formal name of the floating sky islands (Radish-Hoof most likely could not fly that high)
  • Rev. Candlewary is the last of his kind